Вакансия Junior Researcher

Компания Avarla ищет младшего инженера-исследователя в области машинного обучения, компьютерного зрения или обработки изображений.

Рассматриваются студенты старших курсов. Описание вакансии - под катом.

We are looking for passionate, hard-working Junior Researcher willing to perform scientific research and build innovative application and services.


If you know like to learn and keep lifelong education, want to use techniques and ideas published at recent CVPR conference, know the difference between SVM, SVD and SVN - you are the person we are looking for!

What will you do:

  • Conduct applied research to investigate and nurture innovative and practical algorithms solving real-world problems.
  • Develop and optimize computer vision, machine learning and image processing algorithms and their prototypes.
  • Create intellectual properties (patents) and publish technical papers.
  • Learn and keep actual knowledge about state-of-art algorithms and approaches in computer vision field.

Basic Qualifications

  • Bachelor or Master degree (or 4-5-6th year student) in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics or similar.
  • Experience and/or evidence of having basic level of theoretical knowledge Machine Learning and/or Computer Vision and/or Image Processing.
  • Programming skills in Matlab(Octave)/Python/C++/Java/Pascal which allows you to implement developed algorithm.
  • Good written and verbal English communication skills.

Additional Skills:

  • Coursera and other online courses certificate is plus
  • Published scientific papers is plus
  • Participation in open-source project is plus.
  • Relevant stackoverflow/github account is plus
  • Skills in parallel processing is plus

 About Our Company:

We are a product-focused innovation lab. This is a place where we dream up cool technology projects, develop them, then nurture them into successful businesses.

We're a tight-knit group working out of awesome brand new offices 15km southwest of the center Kyiv (we provide shuttle service)!

Our objective is to have fun, build something cool (and hopefully worthwhile), and, every now and then, create something truly amazing.


Контакты - http://hh.ua/vacancy/9900343

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